Human milk is a unique food, containing essential nutrients for an optimal physical, psychic and intellectual development of newborns. However, for many of them, especially for early-born babies, breast milk could not be available. On the contrary, the national guidelines affirm breast milk is the most adequate food for newborns, according to their nutritional needs. In order to satisfy these requirements, Donated Breast Milk Banks (BLUD) have been founded.

This social responsibility project is the first service that allows breast milk pasteurization, using advanced technologies in order to provide a high quality, nutrient-rich donated milk to the banks.


The PTP Foundation has planned and developed an innovative pasteurization system (High Temperature Short Time-HTST) which allows a direct aseptic bottling. Each batch is analyzed by an external centre of analysis that guarantees its safety and appropriateness. A dedicated software tracks each milk donation to keep a batch traceability and create a database for possible future epidemiological and clinical studies.


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