By 21 aprile 2017Bandi, Impresa

Are you a startup company? win the best presentation to the market you can have. JOIN NOW “NEXTFOOD AWARD BY IMAGE LINE: the international contest is open till 26/4/2017.

FREE and EASY TO APPLY! 1^ step: download the application form, insert your data and make your subscription. 2^ step: make a short description of your product. 3^ step: send the application form to

NEXTFOODAWARD, a food innovation contest held by SEEDS&CHIPS with the 63 DE-SIGN studio and Politecnico di Torino / Department of Architecture and Design.
It’s a unique opportunity for your challenging idea to win a solid and irreplaceable asset. above all, for a startup company, it’s very easy to enrol and if you have the chance to win you get for free (1) a complete study based on the process of sustainable packaging (2) and the consequent application to real and attractive packaging design.
It will give your product the most attractive and appealing presentation, with a substantial help to your work.

You can find the complete regulation process and take your chance, with rules, requirements timing and outcomes here ( )

To the startup owner of the winning product will be also offered + 40H conversion marketing strategies to help startup to convert contacts into customers. MAKE YOUR PRODUCT TALK!

Your startup does not produce a product, but your business idea is aninnovative service (Food Innovation)? JOIN NOW, SCOUTING IS OPEN![MORE INFO click here]: fill out the Scouting Form and send it to
You may have the opportunity to send a pitch to the sponsor and partners NEXTFOOD AWARD BY IMAGE LINE