Flowmetric Europe Srl has created a flow cytometry Platform that works mainly for the biomedical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutraceutical and agri-food sectors.

Flow cytometry is a laser-based, biophysical technology employed in cell counting, cell sorting, biomarker detection and protein engineering, by suspending cells in a stream of fluid and passing them by an electronic detection apparatus. It allows simultaneous multiparametric analysis of the physical, chemical and biochemical characteristics by means of fluorescent molecular markers.

The flow cytometry platform provides services for companies working in the above mentioned sectors.

A list of the main services:

  • Cell cycle analysis- identification of cell division stages;
  • Cell proliferation analysis- identification and count of cell proliferation parameters;
  • Cell vitality/viability analysis- identification and quantification of cell necrosis and apoptosis;
  • Cell phenotype analysis- identification and count of cell types in a mixture;
  • Cell signaling analysis- identification and count of message transmission;
  • Identification of intracellular cytokine staining (ICS)- identification and count of cytokine-secreting cells;
  • Functional biomarker analysis to support pre-clinical and clinical studies in pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors.

For more information: www.flowmetric-europe.com

BD FacsAria III Cell Sorter- 16 colours;

Cell biology equipment (Incubator and laminar flow hood)


Stefano Di Giovine

Stefano Di Giovine

Business Development