Filippo Biscarini

Our team is active in statistical genetics, biostatistics, molecular biology and bioinformatics. Among our ongoing activities, we can mention: the study of autoimmune diseases and the role played by bacterial and viral infections and by the microbiome in their aetiology; the analysis of the interactions between epigenetic variation and gene expression; the development of diagnostic prototypes for viral and bacterial infections in immunodeficient patients (YOPIs: young, old, pregnant, immunocompromised); the study of the relationship between diet and breast cancer; nutrigenetics. In particular, the interests of the P.I. Filippo Biscarini include inferential and predictive statistical modeling, genomic predictions for continuous, categorical and longitudinal data, forecasting, statistical and machine learning methods to analyse “big data”. Along with the above-mentioned projects, bioinformatics and biostatistics are applied to genetics, breeding and large-sequence data problems in plants and animals of interest in agriculture and conservation biology.


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Filippo Biscarini

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