PTP has developed specific services to support biomedical, nutritional, phytotherapic , cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies.


  • Technologies to support new molecule development and test (flow cytometry, Next Generation Sequencing, proteomics and metabolomics)
  • Advanced statistical and bioinformatics analyses to support omics data interpretation
  • Development of data banks to manage and integrate complex information, in order to have an advanced data mining for new molecule characterization.


  • Technologies for molecular pathways characterization of complex pathologies (flow cytometry, Next Generation Sequencing, proteomics and metabolomics)
  • Development of methods and analyses to characterize and identify biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis (taking advange of the recent omics technologies during the pre-clinical phase)
  • Genotyping methods to determine predisposing factors of diseases and to support genetic characterization


  • Development of methods to identify allergies and other food intolerances
  • Omics technologies to support eating disorder studies
  • Metagenome applications to characterize microbial consortia for nutraceuticals and probiotics.

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