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PTP - Science Park

PTP Science Park is the spin-off of the Fondazione Parco Tecnologico Padano activities. The mission of PTP Science Park is the promotion of scientific research and technology transfer in agri-food, life sciences and bioeconomy sectors through: coordination between organizations for the creation of a Research Pole in Lodi area; the management of a Business Accelerator as a tool to encourage the creation and development of innovative companies; the promotion of the internationalization of research and higher education; the creation of research programs and the provision of high value-added services.


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In a global world it is necessary to innovate to compete. PTP, thanks to its research programs, its certified laboratories and its high-throughput automated platforms, develops innovative projects in agri-food, bio-economy and health sectors, to promote innovation and technology transfer. We offer a complete line of services for the creation of new products: from formulation studies, to experimental tests, to registrations, up to positioning and product communication


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PTP SMeL laboratory, authorized to operate as a specialized medicine service laboratory, offers advanced molecular biology services in the fields of translational medicine and forensic genetics. Its activity is to support the universities research, medical research institutes and pharmaceutical companies but also individual professionals operating in biomedical, nutritional, phytotherapeutic, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.


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PTP agri-food laboratory, in possession of ministerial accreditations and ISO17025, offers a wide range of analytical services to face and solve problems related to food safety, product certification and supply chain control, in full  compliance with the procedural guidelines. To protect producers and consumers, for safe and quality food, PTP has developed its own brand: DNA CONTROLLATO®. We are able to analyze any organic material containing DNA, offering a guaranteed and univocal identification of each product, from seeds to food.


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ALIMENTA is an international technological accelerator dedicated to companies willing to increase their turnover and marginality, facing the challenges of international markets and developing high-technology products, technologies and services. ALIMENTA is the space designed to transform brilliant ideas into innovative technological companies, in a dynamic and avantgarde environment. We offer cooperation contracts at different levels: providing co-working offices, sharing complex R&D projects, cooperating to the production and market launch of innovative products.

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