the quality is in the DNA


the quality is in the DNA


the quality is in the DNA


the quality is in the DNA

DNA Controllato®

Food safety, traceability and quality are fundamental elements. To protect this right, a stringent EU legislation establishes controls and guarantee systems. Unfortunately, as demonstrated by the crises and frauds experienced in recent years, the current methods are not always quick and effective.

To provide more guarantees, PTP has developed the DNA CONTROLLATO® brand to certify the quality of agri-food products. This trademark can be placed on the product and granted free of charge to those companies that accept a voluntary control plan to certify their productions.


PTP has developed innovative methods able to detect the presence of genetically modified organisms both in seeds and in products destinated to human nutrition and  animal feed. With reference to controls on corn and soy seeds, the ENSE method is applied, in accordance with the Ministerial Decree 27/11/2003 G.U.R.I. of 12/03/2003. PTP is also able to provide Fastdata results in just 36 hours after receiving samples.

Animal DNA

Many Made in Italy products can also be consumed in countries that follow religions with certain restrictions on the consumption of certain types of meat. For those Italian companies that want to export their products to these countries, PTP has developed a system to determine the possible presence of traces of meat and derivatives of pork origin.


Control methods to detect and quantify bacterial and fungal microorganisms species on any system (soil, plant, animals, food products). PTP has developed DNA-based molecular methods able to recognize and quantify the presence of microorganisms, with high sensitivity and rapidity. This enable us to optimize time and increase the security of results.

Plant diagnostics

PTP offers services for companies operating in the nursery sector, aimed at identifying the presence of pathogens early and thus avoiding the spread of plant diseases. The phytodiagnostic laboratory at PTP is accredited by Lombardy Region and Sicily Region for molecular phytodiagnostic analysis. The developed methods allow to detect viruses, viroids, bacteria, phytoplasmas and fungi and can be realized with the PLUS system (Pre-Lab Unit System), which allows to carry out a part of the analysis directly in the company, saving both on the analysis costs and on the time needed to know the outcome.

Animal diagnostics

In recent years there has been a considerable technological advancement also referring to the zootechnical world, both in terms of company management and that of product quality control. In this context, PTP offers tools and services specifically dedicated to animal husbandry, ranging from diagnostic systems for diseases to technologies for Livestock Precision Farming aimed at improving qualitative, quantitative yields and animal welfare.

Chemical analysis

PTP offers services for companies according to official analysis methods. Analysis of the composition of any type of product, for the identification of any organic or mineral molecule such as:


Fertilyzers analysis

Content analysis for heavy metals both for humans or animals food (eg rice or silomais)

Leaf and soil analysis

Organic molecules

Analysis of pesticide residues

Analysis of the presence of hormones

Tag and / or qualitative analysis

Fodder quality (e.g. Protein, UF, food value ...)

Quality of food products (eg milk:% proteins, fats, etc.)

Fruit and vegetable quality (eg color, brix grade ...)

Quality of processed products (eg wine, oil, cheese)

Agrochemical composition

Quality check

Parco Tecnologico Padano provides traceability services to identify, even in processed food products, the presence / absence of specific animal species, fish and vegetables; control services to detect pathogen contamination in food products; control services to detect and quantify the presence of GMOs in raw materials and transformed matrices.