Analytical marketing and market research

The choice of the offer placement  of a company consists of two elements: an analysis of the competition and an analysis of the demand in order to build your product portfolio more suited to your needs
We carry out: Market analysis with quantitative methods at various levels (final customers, dealers, wholesalers, national distributors, intermediaries, etc.) to map the customer's wishes, to learn about the market areas already occupied by direct and indirect competitors.

Strategic marketing and wide-ranging programming

Planning means organizing through precise rules, to make the most of all the tools made available by strategic marketing, to achieve growth and profit objectives, which are fundamental within a company.
Planning of long-term objectives, which take into account the global profitability and its product / service portfolio, aiming at maximizing the result in terms of turnover, margins or other internally defined parameters.

Operational marketing and the final part of the whole process

The operative (or tactical) component of marketing has to realize concretely the strategies defined in the previous phases, disposing of the resources (money, professionalism, technology) in the most effective way.
Operational marketing tools and services are identified starting from the specific needs of the company, are activities that require the utmost care in every aspect and in every phase, and the use of high-level professional staff, able to give added value to the activity they carry out.
The actions can be divided into communication activities (at different levels: printed material, website, social media, newsletters etc.), promotion (information dissemination activities such as Technical Meetings, collaborations with Technical Institutes, test fields, merchandising ...) , building distributors loyalty (product mix, specific local activities, point of sale animation ...) etc.